How To Create A Poll On Facebook

How To Create A Poll On Facebook. Beneath the question box, tap the “+ add a poll option box” to add the answers for your followers to pick. Input your question into the “question” field and add the options in the “add.

How to Create a Facebook Poll
How to Create a Facebook Poll from

You’ll be redirected to this page called “polls for pages”. Then, tap on the “ hamburger ” button and select “groups”. At the top of your feed, tap create story.

To Make Your Poll More Catchy, Add A.

How to do a facebook poll on a desktop computer. Add your photo or video. Click on the “three dots” icon and select the.

Tap To Take A New Photo Or Video.

Next, on the “write something…” text field. Here's how to create and publish linkedin polls. At least two answer options are required.

Modify The Options By Clicking On Each One If The Question Isn’t For “Yes Or No” Answers.

Tech advisor nov 8, 2017 3:21 pm gmt. Hit 'themes' and select a style or create your own. Tap on ‘write something’ and add your poll question.

You’ll Be Redirected To This Page Called “Polls For Pages”.

Click ‘add to your post’, and a list of things will appear; Click on “groups” and select a facebook group for which you want to create the poll. Type your question in the “ask something” box and select “+add option” to fill up your.

Click On ‘Create A Public Post.’ Go To ‘More.’ Click On ‘Poll.’ Type The Questions You Wish To Ask In The Provided Box.

Once you are in the publishing tools page, click on ‘+create’ and select ‘poll.’. Hit 'settings' and set options like allowing multiple votes, multiple answers and more. You can tap a story type at the top (example:

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