How To Create A Drop Down In Excel

How To Create A Drop Down In Excel. The steps to create a drop down list are as follows: How to hide worksheets/tabs and entire workbooks in excel.

How to Add a Drop Down Box in Excel 2007 11 Easy Steps
How to Add a Drop Down Box in Excel 2007 11 Easy Steps from

You can change the range as you need; In the more control dialog box, select microsoft date and time picker control 6.0 (sp6) and then click the ok button. The steps to create named ranges are listed as follows:

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The dialog box minimizes to make the sheet easier to see. In the “allow:” dropdown menu, select “list”. From the data validation dialog box, select list in allow field.

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Now, We Will Add The Drop Down List In The No.

The drop down lists allo. On the data tab, in the data tools group, click data validation. Type “drop_down_list” in the “name” box and apply the formula in “refers to” box, as shown in the image.

Enter The List Items And Choose The Options.

Select the cell for your dropdown list and click on the data validation button in data tab. To change the range name in the name manager dialog box, select name in the list and click the cell range button at the bottom of the dialog box. For an instance, here we have selected the c1 cell.

In The Data Validation Dialog Box, Do The Following:

And in the source field, provide three types of compound interest. Then, select the range and click the umbrella button again in the. In the “source:” box, enter in your values separated by commas.

Click Ok To Save The Data.

For example, creating a dropdown list for customers to select the item, choose yes or no, the accountant chooses the item code, select a. On the excel ribbon, go to the data tab > data tools group and click data validation. Press return or click the expand button to.

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